Brush washer

Brush washer

Brush washer is used to wash fruits such as strawberries and cherries. Rotating soft bristled brushes cause circulation and washing of product. Debris are rinsed off with water flow.

All materials in contact with the product are certified for contact with food products. The entire supporting structure is made of stainless and acid-resistant steel. All materials used are resistant to cleaning agents.

Technical data:

  • length: 1230 mm
  • width:  1480 mm
  • useable width of brushes: 750 mm   
  • feeding height:    1100 ÷ 1400 mm
  • outfeed height:      800 ÷ 1000 mm
  • capacity: up to 4000 kg/h

All  machines  are  manufactured  on  order,
taking into account individual requirements
regarding parameters

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