Fluidized freezing tunnels

For almost 25 years we manufacture fluidized freezing tunnels (IQF) for freezing fruits and vegetables,  also for fish and seafood, meat and poultry.

Our vast experience and close cooperation with our customers has allowed us to design the next generation freezer, in which we applied our latest technical and technological solutions that guarantee the highest quality of frozen products as well as hygiene and low operating costs.

We are open to handle special executions requests, meeting specific customer needs for both construction of the freezer, its location, feeding and receipt of frozen products as well as  freezing of special, unusual products.  We offer the most flexible, comprehensive solutions in the market.

Unidex freezing tunnels are manufactured in two series:

Series M – tunnels with capacities from 1700 to  3400 kg/h for green peas Series A – tunnels with capacities from 4300 to 10 600 kg/h for green peas


tunele fluidyzacyjne

New solutions enable adjustment of operation of fans in the first and second pressure chamber what guarantee very high quality of frozen products.

This allows to have full control of fluidisation process and  in the same time substantially reduces consumption of electrical  and refrigeration energy especially when working with a smaller amount of product.
It gives also possibility to adjust operation of the tunnel for each product even so  delicate and soft like raspberries.

Our latest software not only allows to control operation of components of the tunnel without entering the interior but also greatly simplifies operation and maintenance of the tunnel and provides more efficient operation.

Recently we have also introduced  new system controlling level of ice accumulation on the first belt.