Technological lines

Technological line

In our offer there are also machines included in technological lines for freezing fruits and vegetables such as conveyors or product washers. All machines are manufactured on order, taking into consideration individual requirements regarding parameters.

myjka wodno powietrzna

Air-water washer

Air-water washer is design for washing practically all types of fruits and vegetables. Air pushed into machine causes movement of water resulting in thorough washing of products.


Brush washer

Brush washer is used to wash fruits such as strawberries and cherries. Rotating soft bristled brushes cause circulation and washing of product. Debris are rinsed off with water flow.


Inspection conveyorY

Inspection conveyor is designed for transport of raw materials and allows the inspection.  Conveyor can be supplied with a fan to remove water after washing.

przenosnik szczebelkowy

Flight conveyor

Flilght conveyor is designed to transport raw material to the required height. The conveyor of this type is used for feeding the product to the vibrating feeding unit placed in the front of  freezing tunnel.

przenosnik wibracyjny

Vibrating feeding unit

Vibrating feeding unit is an integral part of the freezing tunnel. The unit is designed for even distribution of the product on the whole width of the belt

przenosnik inspekcyjny 2

Inspection conveyor 2

Inspection conveyor with a flat plastic belt is designed for  inspection of frozen products. Installed lighting and white belt  enabling perfect visibility of fruits and vegetables by operators.

urządzenia nietypowe

Non-standard equipment

We manufacture non-standard equipment to individual customers requests. Please contact us for more information.