Vibrating feeding unit

Vibrating feeding unit

Vibrating feeding unit is an integral part of the freezing tunnel. The unit is designed for even distribution of the product on the whole width of the belt. Heated nose of the unit is placed inside freezing tunnel that product falls on the belt in the cold air blow zone what significantly improves quality of frozen product. Slotted screen installed in the unit allows to remove excess of water from the product.

All components having direct contact with the product are made of acid-resistant materials or food grade plastic. The entire supporting structure is made of stainless and acid-resistant steel. The all materials used are resistant to cleaning agents.

Technical data:

  • capacity: up to 11000 kg/h
  • total length:  2120 mm
  • useable width: 770 mm, 1004 mm
  • screen gap width: 3,2 mm


All parameters can be modified on individual order.

All  machines  are  manufactured  on  order,
taking into account individual requirements
regarding parameters

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