Water-air washer

Water-air washer

Water–air washer is designed for washing practically all types of fruits and vegetables. The air pushed into machine causes movement of water resulting in thorough washing of products. Washer is equipped with water level adjustment. Water spray system is installed above conveyor. Plastic belt is installed as standard but there is also possibility to install belt from stainless steel links. Conveyor with adjustable tipping angle.

The inner walls of  washer are removable enabling thorough washing of machine.    All components in direct contact with the product are made of acid-resistant materials or food grade plastic. The entire supporting structure is made of stainless and acid-resistant steel. The all materials used are resistant to cleaning agents.

Technical data:

  • length : max. 3730 mm
  • width:            1570 mm
  • tank width:  960 mm
  • conveyor useable width:   760 mm
  • feeding height:    1180 ÷ 1350 mm
  • outfeed height:    1250 ÷ 1535 mm
  • capacity: up to 4000 kg/h

All  machines  are  manufactured  on  order,
taking into account individual requirements
regarding parameters

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